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  • Stannic Oxide;"CAS #= 18282-10-5"

    Stannic Oxide

    White or off-white crystalline solid or powder. Used as a catalyst, in putty, and as a polishing powder for steel and glass.   Molecular Formula: SnO2

  • Vanadium Pentoxide;"CAS #=1314-62-1"

    Vanadium Pentoxide

    Yellow to red crystalline powder. Please call for availability.   Molecular Formula: V2O5

  • Strontium Nitrate;"CAS #=10042-76-9";Grade=ACS

    Strontium Nitrate

    White crystalline solid. Strontium nitrate is noncombustible, but accelerates the burning of combustible material.   Molecular Formula: Sr(NO3)2

  • Stannous Oxide;"CAS #=21651-19-4"

    Stannous Oxide

    Brown-black powder or black to blue-black crystalline solid.   Molecular Formula: SnO

  • Potassium Dichromate;"CAS #=7778-50-9";Grade=ACS

    Potassium Dichromate

    Used externally as an astringent, antiseptic, and caustic.   Molecular Formula: K2Cr2O7

  • Molybdic Acid;"CAS #=7782-91-4";Grade=ACS

    Molybdic Acid

    Please call for availability.   Molecular Formula: H2MoO4

  • Manganese Sulfate Mono;"CAS #=10034-96-5";Grade=USP,FCC

    Manganese Sulfate Mono

    Odorless pale red crystals (slightly efflorescent) or light pink powder.   Molecular Formula: MnSO4H2O

  • Magnesium Carbonate;"CAS #=546-93-0";Grade=USP

    Magnesium Carbonate

    Also known as Magnesite, Magnesium Carbonate is a common OTC remedy for heartburn and upset stomach.   Molecular Formula: MgCO3nH2O

  • Lead Oxide;"CAS #=1314-41-6"

    Lead Oxide

    Please call for specifications and availability.   Molecular Formula: Pb3O4

  • Cobalt Oxide;"CAS #=1307-96-6"

    Cobalt Oxide

    Utilized as coloring agent on kiln fired pottery. Provides a deep shade of blue.   Molecular Formula: CoO

  • Calcium Carbonate;"CAS #=471-34-1";Grade=ACS

    Calcium Carbonate

    Used as a phosphate buffer in hemodialysis, for temporary relief of indigestion and heartburn, and as a calcium supplement for preventing and treating osteoporosis.   Molecular Formula: CaCO3

  • Barium Carbonate;"CAS #=513-77-9";Grade=ACS

    Barium Carbonate

    Widely used in ceramics industry as an ingredient in glazes.   Molecular Formula: BaCO3

  • Ammonium Fluoride; 12125-01-8

    Ammonium Fluoride

    Appears as a white or colorless crystal at room temperature. Common uses include: Glass etching agent Chemical polishing agent Wood preservation Antiseptic in breweries Moth-proofing agent   Molecular Formula: NH4F