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Request Samples

Ensign Chemical now offers a free sample program to all U.S.-based customers! Each quarter, all current customers will have the opportunity to receive a free box containing samples of our most popular products. If you and your company are interested in participating, please email Jim Geraghty:

  • Recurring customers have the opportunity to customize the quarterly sample box they receive


For anyone interested in the opportunity to work with Ensign, please Contact us


The sample box for this quarter will contain:

  • Gloveworks HD Royal Blue Nitrile Latex Free Disposable Gloves (GWRBN46100)
  • Aurelia Robust Blue Nitrile Exam Gloves (93896-99)
  • 60mL Wide Mouth Reseal Bottles (HDPE) (7060060)
  • 15mL Diamond MAX Centrifuge Tubes, PP, Printed Graduations (6295)
  • 50mL Diamond MAX Centrifuge Tubes, PP, Printed Graduations (6297)
  • 7.0mL General Purpose Transfer Pipets (138080)
  • 5.8mL Fine Tip Transfer Pipets (134050)
  • 20mL Weighing Boat with Pour Spout, Antistatic (3623)
  • Sterileware ½ Tsp Sampling Spoon (369420000)
  • Polypropylene Bouffant Cap (Blue, 24in) (110NWI-10-24-BLUE)
  • Polypropylene Shoe Cover, Non-Skid (Blue, White Tread) (SC-NWI-NS-LRG-BLUE)
  • Polypropylene Lab Coat, No Pockets, Elastic Wrists (LC0-WE-NW-VL-RG-WHITE)
  • Polyester/Cellulose Non-woven Wipe 9” x 9” Blue (TZ1PCS1B-99)
  • Non-woven Microfiber Presaturated Wipe (70% IPA) (TS1PCI70-99)